How can I purchase an "hybrid" below knee prosthesis?

It is important to understand what a hybrid prosthesis is. The process for producing a hybrid prosthesis is completely new technology that Aqualeg has developed.
An Aqualeg hybrid prosthesis can be worn every day as your primary leg. However, unlike traditional prosthetic devices, the Aqualeg hybrid prosthesis can also be worn when you are in and around water. It can be worn in the shower, when you step into a pool, swim in the ocean,or any other place where you might get wet. The innovative technology allows water to enter into the cosmetic cover and to run out through the foot and ankle area.
The first step is to choose waterproof components when building a new prosthesis. Aqualeg has carefully selected and tested traditional components and feet from some of the world’s finest prosthetic manufacturers. Aqualeg believes in “functionality first” for all prosthetic devices. This led us to select very high quality parts and then test them for durability.
The next step is to choose a system that has cosmetic appeal. Aqualeg has developed a lifelike hybrid
semi soft shell. This cover is truly unique since it is ideal for everyday activities AND for activities in and around water!
Aqualeg covers are durable, cosmetically appealing and user friendly for both amputees and prosthetists. Every Aqualeg cover is custom manufactured using an innovative process that allows the covers to fit precisely to the socket and foot.
Once the cover is received it can be fit to the prosthesis within minutes so that the amputee can immediately begin enjoying the benefits that are only available with a cover that includes that special Aqualeg touch.

Aqualeg Products:
Soft Shell Technology Protective Covers
The Aqualeg soft shell cover has an exact fit and is self supporting without the need for foam underneath the cover.This allows the cover to be used in and around water.
The cover has flexibility modeled after real limbs. It is available in a precise 3D custom fabrication. Every cover is produced to fit perfectly on the socket.
“Hybrid” is often defined as the blend of two very diverse things that come together for a single purpose. This is certainly the case for an Aqualeg cover. These covers are intended to be used everyday, but are also perfectly suited for activities in and around water. It provides a solution for people who have lifestyles that include getting into water. Aqualeg covers are both functional and protective. They offer the perfect solution for prosthetic devices that are traditionally difficult to cover, including those with electronic components or vacuum assistance. VIDEOS
Aqualeg Design Studio
In addition to the classic Aqualeg lifelike covers, our designers have the technical and artistic abilities to design truly special covers that reflect your unique personality. We take pride in producing covers that are true works of art. Whatever your artistic tastes are, we can make a cover that will allow you to display functional artwork that is one of a kind!  
Compatible Components:
Aqualeg prostheses are intended for everyday use. These are not “swim legs” that are designed specifically to be worn when you are in a pool. An Aqualeg prosthesis is a “hybrid prosthesis” intended
to be worn every day, with the added capability of being designed to wear when taking a shower, going for a dip in a pool or venturing into the ocean. This requires that all components used to fabricate the prosthesis are chosen with this purpose in mind. Below are some basic recommendations involving compatible components.
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