July 2015 : David Behre, paralympian sprinter and Aqualeg user, on the german TV
david behre aqualeg david behre aqualeg david behre aqualeg david behre aqualeg
david behre aqualeg david behre aqualeg david behre aqualeg
David Behre on the german TV channel ZDF, telling his incredible story from the day he had his legs amputated because of a train accident to his new birth as paralympian athlete. He is explaining all he had to go through and his everyday life as double amputee. He's showing how a running prosthesis looks like and how his everyday Aqualeg high activity prostheses look like, the only protective system designed for harsh environments and active patients. 
Amazing David!
June 2015 : Endolite becomes Aqualeg Compatible
aqualeg endolite endolite aqualeg
Echelon, Elite Blade, Elite 2, Javelin, Esprit feet from Endolite are now waterproof and therefore Aqualeg compatible.
We are thrilled to welcome Endolite in our recommended compatible components family!
October 2014: Rodin 4D becomes an international partner
As part of Aqualeg's international development, Rodin 4D is adapting the 3D scanning devices and softwares to the technical needs of Aqualeg ordering processes. The M4D scanners have been tested and validated as complying with the technical requirements of the manufacturing process. Other software and hardware developments are planned to facilitate direct digital ordering for the O&P field.
September 2014: Meet us at the Rehacare 2014 show in Düsseldorf
AQUALEG introduces its products on the german market in partnership with the company Aktiv Prothesen Technik, specialized in high activity prosthetics. Meet us in Düsseldorf during the REHACARE 2014 show from the 24th to the 27th of september.
September 2014: Meet us in Las Vegas!
Aqualeg is attending the AOPA meeting in Las Vegas from the 3rd to the 7th of september. Looking forward to meeting you at our booth 743
January 2014: OAPL becomes Aqualeg distributor in Australia
Orthopaedic Applicances in Fitzroy - Melbourne will be Aqualeg's distributor in Australia. Most hospitals and facilities will be able to contact them to offer this new range of products to their patients. Some major facilities and rehab centers have already been teached for the fabrication and ordering process of those new high durable cover systems:
The Caulfied Hospital and Royal Hospital in Melbourne; Barry Leech Prosthetics in Goldcoast; Goodwill Prosthetics in Brisbane
December 2013: Ortopediteknikk becomes first Aqualeg provider in Norway

The Oslo based Ortopediteknikk network becomes the first Aqualeg provider in Norway. This innovation orientated company and its high technological environment is a natural partner for this new generation concept on the way to become a standard in more and more countries.

September 2013: Aqualeg unveils the transfemoral Sport Cover
Aqualeg dévoile le nouveau Sport Cover, développé pour les prothèses fémorales. Testé dans des conditions d'utilisations extrêmes, il a été conçu pour s'adapter aux patients très actifs qui souhaitent mettre la fonctionnalité au premier plan de leurs priorités. Le nouveau système de genouillère autoportante permet une flexion sans aucune gêne et un accès immédiat au genou. Aqualeg invente ici un concept qui ne se base plus sur l'imitation biologique. Le résultat: une fonctionalité hors normes et une discrétion supérieure à toutes les offres existantes. Le système est adaptable sur tous les genoux existants. L'activité en milieu aquatique nécessite l'utilisation de composants (genoux, pieds, adaptateurs...) garantis waterproof.
September 2013: Aqualeg attends AOPA World Congress
Aqualeg introduced its innovative custom waterproof hybrid cover at the AOPA World Congress in Orlando, Florida. This was the largest meeting AOPA has ever hosted with over 2,500 attendees from around the world. The Aqualeg cover received rave reviews from prosthetists throughout the meeting. The Amputee Coalition brought a group of enthusiastic amputees to the Aqualeg exhibit on Consumer Day and their excitement about this new technology was quite evident. Aqualeg General Manager Michael Burton stated, “We are delighted to have had such a positive response to our introduction of the Aqualeg cover in the United States. We are looking forward to providing our custom cover to amputees across the U.S. so that they can enjoy all of their activities while wearing just one prosthesis, including activities in and around water”.
September 2013 : Aqualeg delivers first cover in South Carolina
Tito Alvarado recently became the first recipient of the innovative Aqualeg custom hybrid cover in South Carolina. Tom Fehl, CPO, owner of Prosthetic and Orthotic Institute in Rock Hill and Kelvin Jones, CPO worked closely with the Aqualeg staff to provide this revolutionary product to Alvarado. Aqualeg president Frederic Rauch traveled from France to personally deliver the cover. Aqualeg General Manager Michael Burton, and Sales Manager Dan Cox, were also on hand for this special occasion. Fehl and Jones were both very pleased with how simple the cover was to install on the prosthesis and with the precise fit. Alvarado already had plans to give it a thorough test while wearing it at a local lake while riding his jet ski the very next day!
September 2013: Aqualeg unveils the transfemoral Sport Cover
Aqualeg unveils the transfemoral Sport Cover, distributed in Europe first. Tested in extreme conditions of use, it is designed to adapt to highly active patients who put the functionality at the forefront of their priorities. This new system allows an easy knee flexion and immediate access to the settings. Aqualeg invents a concept that is no longer based on biological imitation. The result is outstanding both in terms of functionality and discretion. The system is suitable for all existing knees. The use in aquatic environment requires waterproof guaranteed components (knees, feet, adapters ...).
July 2013: Aqualeg awarded National Innovation Prize
martha crawford concours innovation 2013
The 2nd of July 2013, the french Research Department awarded Aqualeg with the National Innovation Award and hundred thousand euros Prize among 350 top innovative companies. The president of the Jury was the american Martha Crawford Heitzmann,  head of Research and Innovation on the managing board of Areva, the international energy company.
Picture1: Martha Crawford Heitzmann. Picture 2: (left to right) Norman Bodet Project Manager R&D Aqualeg, Geneviève Fioraso head of french Research Department, Frédéric Rauch.
June 2013: TV report about facilities using Aqualeg's new concept
reportage tv bop technologies Aqualeg vimeo aqualeg
TV journalists reported about BOP Technologies, a french reknown prosthetics facility who was the first one to experiment Aqualeg's new hybrid prostheses concept. The amputees excellent feedbacks drove Sylvio Bagnarosa, the prosthetist, to fit most of his patients with high activities hybrid prostheses. He was the first one to experiment Aqualeg's water resistant above knee prosthesis.
June 2013: O&P Business News article
OP business news Aqualeg
US magazine O&P Business News had its June cover on innovations coming from abroad with an article on Aqualeg's story.
May 2013: Aqualeg opens US subsidiary in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Aqualeg, Inc. is pleased to announce that the U.S. office is now open. Product and ordering information is available through phone or email. The company will be introducing the product formally at the AOPA World Congress in Orlando in September. Contact Aqualeg at 855-955-AQUA for more information.

April 2013: Aqualeg meets the amputee association Momentum in Norway
De gauche à droite: Nils Odd tonnevold, Helge Klausen, Frederic Rauch
Aqualeg recently met with the Norwegian Amputee Association Momentum. The organization is led by its chairman Dr. Nils-Odd Tonnevold and the meetings were held in conjunction with their annual meeting in Stavanger, Norway. Aqualeg president Frederic Rauch said, “We were particularly impressed by the strength of this association. Their members meet regularly with hospital patients to inform them about options for prostheses and to help them with getting through some of the difficulties they are likely to encounter. Aqualeg is very proud to support Momentum”.
February 2013- GO Capital invests in AQUALEG

Global Opportunities (GO) Capital Asset Management BV (GO Capital) , a privately owned hedge fund sponsor, together with entrepreneurs Dougal Bendjaballah and Bernard Prandi, founders of the company Memometal,
have made an investment in the Aqualeg company. These funds will allow the company to reinforce and expand operations in Europe and North America.
GO Capital primarily invests in young innovative companies in order to enable them to expand into new
and strong potential markets. Bendjaballah and Prandi are well known for their successes and experience
with international business expansions.
Aqualeg owner Frédéric Rauch stated, “I am very pleased to welcome GO Capital, along with Dougal Bendjaballah and Bernard Prandi, to the Aqualeg team. These partnerships will enable us to continue to expand our products and services and benefit amputees throughout the world

June 22nd 2012- Aqualeg and Airbus Sign a Regional Financial Partnership Agreement.

Frederic Rauch, founder of Aqualeg, and Thierry Maugis, Director of Strategic Development for Airbus,sign a regional financial partnership agreement that will allow Aqualeg to continue making advancements with its revolutionary new product design. Aqualeg founder Frederic Rauch states, “This new strategic agreement will
allow Aqualeg to continue with product development and bring this new technology to amputees in new markets worldwide.

June 2012- Aqualeg Receives a Financial Support from Total Regional Developement

Aqualeg is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to receive financial support from Total
Regional Development. The main goal of Total Regional Development is to assist small and medium sized
enterprises in creation, development, transmission and exports. The Total Group, in partnership with other local socio economic players, contributes to the dynamic performance of the regions where it operates, and to the creation or maintenance of jobs in France. According to Aqualeg founder Frederic Rauch, “This agreement will enable Aqualeg to continue developing new products and expand into new worldwide markets”.

May 2012- Aqualeg Participates in the World’s Largest Trade Show for Prosthetics

Aqualeg was pleased to participate as an exhibitor at the ORTHOPÄDIE + REHA TECHNIK 2012 International Trade Show and World Congress, held May 15 18, in Leipzig, Germany. This is the largest trade show in
the world for prosthetics with approximately 20,000 visitors from just almost 100 counties participating. Aqualeg was very busy during the event showing their new and innovative products to attendees in the exhibit hall that included over 500 companies. This event is so large that it can only be coordinated to be held once every two years. Aqualeg founder Frederic Rauch said, “We were thrilled to have so much interest in our new product and are now anxious to expand into new markets to make Aqualeg available to amputees regardless of where they are located”.
May 2011- Aqualeg Recognized by the French Department of Research

The French Research Departement recently announced Aqualeg as an award winner at the National Competition of Business Startups using Innovative Technologies. The organization recognized Aqualeg for its innovative
concept for a functional, aesthetic and waterproof prosthesis.
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