Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Aqualeg?
Aqualeg is a company founded by Frederic Rauch, an amputee with a desire to improve on current technology. Frederic founded Aqualeg in order to have a prosthesis that can be worn every day and also be worn in and around water. This led to the development of the Aqualeg “hybrid” cover. This new cover is suitable for use in water for both above knee and below knee prosthetic devices. With this new technology amputees are able to stroll along a beach, walk into the water, go for a swim and experience the waves just like everyone else! The Aqualeg cover is unique in that it does not require foam underneath the cover. The technology that goes into the fabrication of every Aqualeg cover allows the cover to maintain its shape without the need for foam. It can be adapted to an exist ing prosthesis if all components used to manufacture that prosthesis are water compatible, or a new prosthesis can be fabricated with components specifically intended for use in water. Your prosthetist will be able to choose the water compatible components that are most appropriate for your specific requirements.

Where can I purchase Aqualeg products?
Your prosthetist can provide Aqualeg products for you. Aqualeg works with prosthetists around the world in order to make our products available to every amputee. Just let your prosthetist know that you read about Aqualeg on our website and ask them to contact us.

Is Aqualeg a swim leg, or is it a prosthesis I can wear everyday?
We are asked this question practically every day. Prior to the development of Aqualeg most amputees that wanted to wear a prosthesis into water would have needed a separate swim leg in addition to their everyday prosthesis. This was expensive for the amputee and required packing an extra prosthesis when taking a vacation at the beach. Aqualeg is changing this! An Aqualeg prosthesis is intended for everyday use AND is appropriate for use in and around water.This allows you to wear your everyday prosthesis to the beach,go into the water, and resume your normal activities without the need to change your prosthesis. Aqualeg founder, Frederic Rauch, is an above knee amputee. He shares the concerns of many amputees who enjoy water activities. Since developing Aqualeg, Frederic is able to enjoy swimming, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, white water rafting, and simply taking a walk along the beach and strolling into the surf. He is able to do all of these activities without changing out of his everyday prosthesis! Aqualeg can make this possible for you as well. Additionally, Aqualeg can do all of this while providing you with a cosmetically appealing prosthesis. This is not an “old school” prosthesis. It is truly a unique “hybrid” prosthesis that allows amputees to experience the lifestyles that they deserve.

Is it possible to remove the Aqualeg Hybrid Cover?
Yes. The cover can be removed from the prosthesis and reattached easily. In most cases it can even be
moved from one prosthesis to another. This also allows your prosthetist to easily make adjustments to
your prosthesis when necessary.

Which prosthetic components are compatible with Aqualeg?
Since the Aqualeg concept is based both on long term walking comfort AND the ability to be used in water we have found many good choices for compatible products. Many components, knees, and feet from well known manufacturers are compatible. Please visit our pr oducts page for more informations.

What makes it possible for the Aqualeg to be worn in water?
A traditional prosthesis is buoyant, meaning that it tends to float in water. The Aqualeg cover allows for water to enter into the cover to allow for neutral buoyancy, which means that the leg will not have the tendency to float. By achieving neutral buoyancy, an Aqualeg prosthesis can be used for all types of water activities, including scuba diving. When exiting from a pool or the ocean water will quickly and discreetly drain through an outlet in the foot. This allows you to resume your normal activities immediately.
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